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We are not bound by tradition for traditions sake like
most traditional American guitar builders. We have
spent 40 years in researching and experimenting to
bring you the ultimate acoustic guitars. We use the
latest composite materials and structure for strength
and sound, but we keep the warm beauty of a wood
instrument. We have applied the same knowledge to
our other musical instruments. Please go to our
Design and Structure page for details on our
revolutionary designs or go to
Acoustic Guitars and
Other Musical Instruments pages to see them applied.
Design &

Our Musical Instruments

Our Acoustic Guitars
  • Der Hauser (A Classical Guitar)
  • Southern Belle (OO sized)
  • Nazarene Star (Externally
    dimensionally  a Martin
  • Southern Star (A Slumped-
    shouldered Dreadnought of our
    design but inspired by a Gibson
    Southern Jumbo)
  • El Conquistador

  • Woods
  • Binding and Trim
  • Inlay
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Specification and pricing are subject to change without notification. Instrument pictured may not conform to the
specifications in the text and the way they are now being built. This web site will be updated as best we can make the
changes. For further interest or questions,  please  
Contact us.
Revolutionary, unique, strong, attractive,
resonant, and the ultimate acoustic
musical instruments
An assemblage of some of our different models
Introducing the Southern Star S/N 10308
Primary Wood:
American Black
Back, sides and neck are Striped and highly figured
American Black Walnut. The Top is Canadian Cypress
or Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Ebony fingerboard with
golden colored fret wire. The bridge is Honduras
Just in Case
The case for this
Southern Star
Our custom built Red Oak Case
A Case for El Conquestador S/N 10108