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The Renewsance (renaissance)
was derived from our mandolin.
We like the looks of the mandolin
so much we decided to build a
scaled up version. (Pictured) is a
12-String Guitar version.

The top is Redwood and Balsa
wood using our 2V2X 60-60
Almost Brace-less Top System
(The new ones will have
Sculptured Biplaner tops) with
Carbon fiber bracing on
underside of the outer skin and
on underside of the inner skin
forming a cantilever support
We offer it as tenor, in Nylon-strings and steel-strings and steel-string only as double tenor (double-strung like a
mandolin, a Manda-cello (a mandolin on steroids)). It is also available in various guitar configurations: 12-string-
steel (as pictured). Steel 6-string and steel 12-string guitar.

Plus we also offer various banjo configurations such as: the plectrum, the five-string banjo, the six-string and double
strung banjo versions. The tenors and the steel string guitars have a 22.7" scale with a neck junction at the 18th
fret. The long-neck banjo versions use a 670 mm scale and neck junction is at the 16th fret.

The body dimensions are: length 17.75” width 13.5” depth at the bridge saddle to the back is: 4.5”.
Banjo Case

We offer cases for the Resonated
Banjos. Please send us the
measurements of your banjo unless it
is Gibson Mastertone. It is a
Un-finished -It will
have a stain and primer coat of West
System Epoxy Resin on an Oak
veneer case,
un-upholster and no
hardware (hinges, latches and
You will have to add these
items to finish your case.
Specification and pricing are subject to change without notification. The instrument pictured may not conform to the
specifications in text or the way they are currently being built. This web site will be updated as best we can make the
changes. For further interest or questions,  please
contact us.
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The back, sides and neck are of Bubinga (African Rosewood). The back is in two halves with binding between. The
fingerboard is Ebony with Mountain design inlay. It has a 22.7" scale and body neck junction is at the 18th fret. There
are a total of 24 frets.