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El Conquestador S/N
11209 unassigned and
in Bubinga with
Hemlock top and mahogany

$250 non-refundable
and you can have
built to your specifications
Nazrene Star S/N 10608
unassigned and available.
Woods: Black Walnut with
Canadian Cypress (Alaskan
Yellow Cedar) top. Binding:
herring bone classic

$250 non-refundable depost
and you can reserve this guitar
I had a contract to build an electric guitar neck to customer specs using my lamination methods.
Assigned Electrical Guitar S/N EN 11110 (first project November 2010)

Here are some of the pictures of it in construction. With slow economy I haven't been too busy in shop
so not much has  been happening to change this page.
The first lamination of carbon fiber and maple in the jig the next morning before the second lamination
At the third lamination American Black Walnut additional of tapered lamination for the heel build up
Clamping the first lamination and carbon fiber in the neck jig
Fourth lamination a tapered  short section in the
peg board just after the bend over.

The pegboard has to be one lamination thinner
than the neck for the pegs to fit.  
Clamping the next full lamination
Laminations of the neck complete
Truing one side of the neck laminations on the
Truing the other side of the neck laminations on the band saw

Fret template and truss rod beside the neck prior to routing the truss rod grove.
Truss rod grove and truss rod in place.
Installing the fingerboard

Note tape on the edges of the fingerboard to keep the resin out of the fret slots
Truss rod in place with

Note index tape on the
Rough sawed neck profile
Profiling the neck with sanding cauls
Neck mounted in tension Jig
Neck under tension in jig
Neck ready for inlay and frets