Maliposa Music
Revolutionary, unique, strong, attractive,
resonant, and the ultimate acoustic
musical instruments
Crafted by: John Alden Robinson
Players and Mentors
and their and my comments
A special thanks to:

Professor Frank Koonce
Of Arizona State University


David Buck
Classical Guitarist
and others for our continuing development
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Specification and pricing are subject to change without notification. The instrument pictured may not conform to the specifications in text or the way they are
currently being built. This web site will be updated as best we can make the changes. For further interest or questions,  please
Contact us.
What is possible may not be

He felt my classical necks were too
thin. When you first pick them up it
feels delightful but he says after many
hours of practice a thinner neck tires
the hand quicker. He gave specs for
neck size that he likes.

Professor Frank Koonce is not fan of
French polishing he prefers very thin
Nitrocellulose Lacquer on all of his
guitars like Herman Hauser.
He is very much in favor of Biplaner construction and his performance guitar has a Biplaner top although he
calls it a double top. He was fascinated with my almost brace-less cantilever system.

From my discussion with professor Koonce I would prefer to build an instrument the way you want it because
there is so many differences in what people want. In July of this year I met with another Guitar professor of
Southern Arizona and my necks were too thick and he wanted everything French polished so it would pop!  
Professor Frank Koonce of Arizona State University
Dec. 2007 we visited with Professor Frank Koonce ASU Tempe
Arizona for guidance in our classical guitars.
Professor Frank Koonce with our Der Hauser
David Buck Classical Guitarist and
College Instructor
Of all people that have played our Der Hauser
David has given me the most detailed review.