Maliposa Music
Revolutionary, unique, strong, attractive,
resonant, and the ultimate acoustic
musical instruments
Crafted by: John Alden Robinson
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Mahogany (many Varieties )
Africa & South America
Bubinga (Africa)                                     Paduak (Africa)
Cherry                                         Maples (many varieties)
Zebra wood (Africa)
We will not sell an Instrument, without a case!

The case is of Balsalite™ of stained Red-Oak veneer. Our cases fit our instruments and because of the unique
nature of our designs other standard cases will not fit.
Herringbone Inlay (dark woods) 3/16"
The fingerboard is Ebony with one of the following inlay patterns. Your choice.
Point To Point
Diamond Inlay
Double Wedges Inlay
Specification and pricing are subject to change without notification. The instrument pictured may not conform to the
specifications in text or the way they are currently being built. This web site will be updated as best we can make the
changes. For further interest or questions, please
Contact us.
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Mountain Inlay
Double Bars
Similar to Gibson's Southern
Options: Level One

For little more expense one of the following inlay pattern and binding and finishing may be

Price: $2,795 U.S.

Includes a $ 250.00 U.S.  Non-refundable assignment fee
The Price does not include shipping and handling
Second Level Options:

More elaborate and custom designs may be
requested at additional Costs to be Determined.

Abloney inlay to accompany the bindings
Western Red Cedar (Canada)
Thuja plicata
Engleman Spruce (Canada)
Picea engelmannii
Stika Spruce (Alaska, US)
Picea sitchensis
Carpathian Spruce (Czech
Republic, Ukraine, Romania)
Picea excelsa, P. abies
Exotic Foreign Woods
Our Top Woods
Inner and core woods
Our Back, Sides and Neck Woods
Stain wood: (Asia and South
Feature combination of the woods below with simple plastic binding on the
body. The sound hole rosette is also two rings of plastic Unless it is an El
Cornquistador then it is wood. The finger boards are unbound Bubinga or on
blond instruments curly Maple fingerboards with mother of pearl or black
plastic dots. The pegboard is also unbound and capped with carbon fiber.
The pegs are of a good quality in chrome or nickel.
Our Economy Instruments

Base price $2,195.00 U.S.

Includes a $ 250.00 U.S.  Non-refundable assignment fee
The Price does not include shipping and handling
Wood Bindings
We are willing to build with other woods if they are available
Top woods
In addition to ones above you may order Adirondack Red Spruce or Carpathian Spruce (Extra cost to be
Wood inlay accompanying the bindings
May be oredred in the patterns below
Herringbone Inlay (light woods) 3/16"
Plad Inlay Wide 1/4"
not done on curves
Plad Inlay narow 1/8"
Patriot's Inlay 1/8"
Wood binding may be choosen to replace
the plastic bindings as pictured to the right
and all classical guitars come with.
To the right is the prototype of
the Southern Star. It was built
as Econonmy Instrument would

The arm rest is additional cost

Plain and Simple and no Frills.
We perfere most other woods than Mahogany unless it is fiddle back or pummeled of something that makes it
more attractive than our insert
The second Southern Star
finished as optional level one
You may choose Sunbursting of
the top to blend with the sides as
is the the Southern Star in Padauk
Pegs are of quality construction
and in gold plate. You may
choose your pegs at additional
Yellow Cedar (Alaska, US)
Canadian Cypress
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Koa Hawaii)
Very rare but
musical qualities
Black Walnut
Hemlock (Alaska, Canada)
Tsuga heterophylla
It is used as an underside
skin and cores through our
Classical Guitars
We are now only building the Der Hauser and they are finished in basically Option Level One

Price $3,295

Includes a $ 395.00 U.S.  Non-refundable assignment fee
The Price does not include shipping and handling
I have been very impressed
with this wood for my tops.
Its grain is very tight it is
increadbly stiff and and
seems very resistiand to
cracking. LMI says that it
holds it shape with hudmity
changes which I have
verified. (My shop is less
than 30% humidity most of
the year and wood does not
move with aclimation to my
shop!) "It rings like the over
used term a bell".