Maliposa Musical Instruments
A revolutional, unique, strong, attractive,
resonant, and the finest acoustical instruments
Crafted by John Alden Robinson

Us consist of: me John (my name is on every web page and all the instruments), and the owner and President of
our company Sophia, my wife. Sophia is from Taiwan and is a
systems and modeling analyst. She does the
upholstery work on our cases, our web site and other administrative duties such as watching our expenses.

I, John, am the principle employee in charge
Research and Development, and Production, My wife will want
to put my picture in here somewhere with me at work on an instrument. I am from an old New England family. I
started working on musical instruments at same time I was working on wood and fabric antique airplanes. Age 14.
My father operated a crop spraying service and an airport. Most of my work during this period was on banjos.
In my college years I became interested in building a superior guitar so I used my spare time and the Universities’
facilities to research guitar theory and construction. The most note worthy innovator was Dr. Michael Kasha.
After I graduated, I started building guitars using his designs and others. I found serious flaw in his design and
went back and developed many of my own based on his original premises. My work on airplanes has influenced
my musical instruments designs.

In my late thirty I had personal problems and for 17 years I had not the means and did not build any musical

Since my marriage to Sophia and her encouragement, I have again started designing instruments and building
them and now feel that we have something to share with you.

I believe in making you the best instrument possible and not build in large quantities.
At present I will not start
instrument until you order one and we arrive at consensus of what you want.
I may have a few completed on
hand. Ones I have built for myself, or possibly someone who change their mind after ordering. As we get our
business started I may start building some spec. So please feel free to open a dialog with us. The time to finish
and instrument is running 4 to 6 months. I do not believe in rushing quality. Each of our steel-string necks spends
a month under full string tension in a jig before we fret the fingerboard.
I have set a limit of five a month for now
so your instrument will be distinctive; However Sophia would like to open a plant, probably in Taiwan. I would like
to offer you a warranty like the large manufactures; a lifetime; however I am 58 years old and your life may be
much longer than mine. If the company expands perhaps we can offer this warranties retroactive. So I offer a
warranty for as long as I am able. I am sure the lawyers will want me to add and make disclaimers to the warranty
such as not cover because of damage due to neglect, negligence or an act of God. Only workmanship, materials
and design are covered.

Since were just beginning much of what we do will be by email as we develop. We hope to add features to the
web site such as: payment system and free down loads of information such as
Banjo bridge construction, Sound
production in banjos, Stradivarius wood curing
to the web site.

So please contact us and say hi for now I can forward information by email.
Specification and pricing are subject to change without notification. This web site will be up-dated as best we can make
the changes. If in doubt Contact us.
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7 days a week) Home Evenings 623-869-6848 If you need to leave a message use this phone
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Historical Index of Instruments
Pre- Arizona
(up-state NY)

No Serial Numbers

Many repairs.
5 Banjoes
17 Guitars
Prototypes with S/N

P1 Mariposa Grande
P2 Mariposa Grande
P30303 Librato
P41103 Librato
P50104 El Cornkeestador
P60204 La Classikal
P70304 Milano
P80804 El Pokeeto
P90704 Renewsance
Instruments 2005

10105 El Cornkeestador
20105 El Pokeeto
30105 Milano
10205 Yew Mountain
20205 Aloah
10305 El Cornkeestador
10705 El Grande (Bass)
10905 El Cornkeestador
11105 La Classikal
11205 Renewesance
Instruments 2006

10106 El Grande (Guitar)
10206 El Pokeeto
10306 La Classikal
10506 El Cornkeestador
10906 Milano
11006 La Classikal
11106 El Cornkeestador
Instruments 2007

10107 Renewsance
10207 La Classikal
P0407 El Torro
10607 El Cornkeestador
10707 La Classikal
10807 Der Hauser
10907 Southern Star
11107 Southern Star
11207 Southern Belle
21207 Nazarene Star
Instruments 2008

10108 El Conquistador
10208 Der Hauser
10308 Southern Star
10408 Nazarene Star
20508 Der Hauser
30508 Der Hauser
10608 Nazarene Star
Instruments 2009

11209 El Conquestadlor